The Liga dos Combatentes, created on 16 October 1923 and made official on 29 January 1924 as the Liga dos Combatentes da Grande Guerra, by the publication of the Statutes in Ordinance no. 3888, in the Government Gazette (1st series, no. 22) and in the Army Order (1st series, no. 1, of 30 January 1924), is an institution with a relevant role for the cultural and historical identity of Portugal, and which aims to preserve, conserve and divulge its heritage, so that the memory of the combatants is transmitted to future generations.

The Liga dos Combatentes Archives is located in the institution's headquarters, in Lisbon, and depends on the Central Directorate, in the figure of the Deputy Librarian and Director of the Museum.

The mission of the Liga dos Combatentes Archives is to preserve and guarantee access to the archival heritage of the institution, or integrated in the institution, of which it is the holder, and to ensure its processing, conservation, availability and dissemination.

The Liga dos Combatentes Archives includes the documentary funds of the Committee of the Standards of the Great War (Comissão dos Padrões da Grande Guerra), the Portuguese Women's Crusade (Cruzada das Mulheres Portuguesas), the Patriotic Board of the North (Junta Patriótica do Norte), the War Invalids' Guild (Grémio dos Inválidos de Guerra) and the institution itself, with emphasis on the Individual Members' Files since the institutional foundation, Monuments to honour the Combatants and the hundreds of Centres of the Liga dos Combatentes. Also available are photographic funds relating to the First World War (1914-1918), Portuguese Overseas War (1961-1974), official activities of the institution and film and audio units.

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